TODAY’S POSTCARD Night View of Oklahoma City, Linen


As I mentioned in another post, there are four main eras of
postcard publishing that collectors deal with:  The Golden Age,
The White-Bordered Era, Linen and Chrome.  Today’s card is from the Linen Era.  Linen cards have two distinctive features:

  • a quality, high rag or cotton content paper with  cross-textured finish, like a nubbly fabric such as linen
  • and colorization that leaves reality far behind.

This card is a good example of both.  While you might not be able to discern the texture on the web, you can tell the softness of the
image linen cards take on.  The coloring is exaggerated.  Night scenes were common in the Linen era, especially with colored
fountains, searchlights, and in this case, golden balls of light throughout the view.

And there’s a stylized little map of Oklahoma on the bottom!

This card is postally unused, and is in very good condition.  I saw this card online, with an asking price of $10.  Personally, I think that’s a bit high.  With patience, I’m sure you
could get it for less.

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One Response to TODAY’S POSTCARD Night View of Oklahoma City, Linen

  1. Great find! I love these overdone colors. I especially love these when they’re of nighttime fountains with the colors playing on the water like something out of a bad LSD trip!

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